Organic Parabola

The  translation of the two dimensional language of painting into  a three dimensional sculptural form using  coloured Perspex, was the central concern of the Organic Parabola series.

The use of the coloured perspex allowed me  to continue to explore my interest in the overlapping, layering and transparency of colours.
Through this process I came to understand the  interdisciplinary nature of my art practice that was evolving as a core aesthetic idea.

I continued to use manufactured Perspex, combining it with different contrasting materials such as  found wood pieces and cement.
These organic parabola garden sculptures I then lit with external light sources and photographed the shadows cast by the light. I also made two stop-motion videos of the projected light images. Photographic stills were then re-interpreted into paintings in watercolour and acrylic. This was the beginning of my interest in the ‘shadow of the subject’ rather than the original source object. The shadow has become an increasingly
important element in my work.